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Working along side other professionals in our community at the old Blossoms property in Ranchos de Taos is new blessing for us, and we are excited! 

We have been observing and playing with the land and greenhouses for several months now, we look forward to all they have to teach us. We will be focussing on the soil and controlling any invasive noxious weeds that may have found a home on this beautiful 4 acre property south of Taos, NM.

​Most of the crops will be started by seed in the greenhouses, then transplanted into the growing areas outside. This will allow for less loss, earlier yields, and help protect the soil. 

It all begins in the soil. Protecting the microorganisms that continue to build the top soil is a huge part of our program at LGF and one of the big reasons we are a "no till" farm. In support of these amazing micro-ecosystems we have been busy planting cover crops and mulching. (A big thank you to all who participated in the Sheet Mulching and Cover Crop workshop we held this past fall!) We are also composting and turning food waste back into soil additive and we have lots of gratitude for the red wigglers in our compost bin doing their part too!


We have been playing and growing basil in soil and in the hydroplontic tower garden. I have made a few batches of pesto. Growing in this type of a greenhouse is new to us so we are exploring with kid like wonder...

We have been able to continue growing these beautiful micro greens and plan to grow them year around. We call them Veggie Confetti. They are Broccoli, Arugula, Kale, Radish and Sunflowers grown in SOIL until the reach about two inches high and then we harvest right before they get their true leaves. They have 40 percent more enzymes if you eat them at this stage rather then when they are in their full grown stage.

You will find them for purchase at Taos Market, Taos, NM. year around!

HINT: The difference in sprouts to microgreens is that sprouts are grown in water and microgreens are grown in soil.