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Do you want to grow food and need an outlet

for your surplus? Do you already grow or sell

at the farmers market and have excess? 

​ Connect with us and join the

​successful LGF Hubb network!

​​​​LGF Hubb Mission
Hubb means “love” in Arabic! The LGF HUBB supports local farmers/growers, keeps food local, reduces waste, helps feed the hungry, as we continue to reduce our footprint on Mother Earth. LGF HUBB aggregates the production of many farmers

and then markets all those local products under one label to local restaurants, markets and through our Bag O Food program.

Restaurant/Market asking the Farmer/Grower to bring to the table

Items that are unique. 

​How the HUBB works
Schedule for 2018 growing season TBD 

Drop off for farmers will be on Saturdays and Customer Pick-up will be on Sundays at the Old Blossoms property, 118 State 240 Rd, Ranchos de Taos.

What the Hubb can do the for Farmer
Increase sales and marketing • Reduce waste • Keep food local
Sell larger quantities each week • Farmer gets paid at the time of the sale.

What is required of the Farmer:
Communicate product availability each week • Agree on a wholesale price
Have ready for pickup or deliver clean, fresh, high-quality products shortly after harvest.
Practice Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)
When selling to the same buyers that you do not undercut the prices of the Hubb 

What you receive when you purchase through the Hubb as a restaurant/market
Fresh local produce delivered to your door

One invoice from many famers/growers
Be associated with a local food movement 
Use of the HUBB logo on menus, and advertisement

What you receive when you purchase through our

Bag O Food Program:
7 Items for $20 • Fresh local produce from local farmers
Add Ons: value add products, honey, bread, eggs, cheese, recipes.

We look forward to doing business with you, come grow with us!!

We are so grateful to have been able to work with Talpa Gardens, Copper Pot Farm, Taos Women Farmers Group, Meri-Girl Farm, Taos Village Farm, Just Kidding Farm, Lady Bug Farm, Taos Ale House, Lettuce Grow Farms, Taos Market, Taos Co-op, Back Porch Farmers Market, Martyrs Steakhouse, The Bavarian,  KOKO Coffee/Deli, Raw Taos, Roots and Wings School, Flowerdust Fruit Market, and Neopasada Food Truck. Thank you all so much for your business and support!  

LGF Hubb